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Our Story

Founded by Denise Ester in 2014, Muse Company has evolved to serve our customers in various ways beyond event planning and management. Muse Co., now a comprehensive consulting firm, works with individuals, entrepreneurs, for-profit and nonprofit organizations to focus and create a clear path to success with offerings in planning, development, and other creative services.


The Muse team works collaboratively on all projects, giving you the best of our combined 20+ years in creative services. We have a long history of working with for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, causes, and campaigns.


Our Muses

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Owner/Creative Director

A passionate creative, Denise formed Muse following her long career in corporate event planning & development. Armed with a vision for a comprehensive consulting firm, Denise launched Muse in 2014.

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Assistant Director

The insightful analyst of the Muse team, Sarah’s expertise in grants management and resource development makes her the go-to for crafting sound business strategy since partnering with Muse in 2018.


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